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Features and advantages of air bubble film in product logistics and transportation

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Air bubble film environmental protection packaging material, the outer layer is white pearl film, the surface is smooth and flat; in the case of not infringing on the intellectual property rights of others, different patterns, trademarks, and characters can be printed according to customer requirements; the inner bubble film is cushioned and shockproof Function to prevent objects from being damaged due to pressure, collision, and falling; no adhesive is used between each layer of material, which is completely non-toxic and environmentally friendly; the design of the envelope sticker is safe and convenient. It is very effective in express packaging.Ssj6OocaRXOcgLD-LrWZAg

The characteristics of air bubble film are analyzed as follows:

1.air bubble film is non-toxic, environmentally friendly, safe and reliable, and can be recycled. It has the advantages of shock resistance, moisture resistance, pressure resistance, light weight, safety and convenience, and beautiful appearance. Used for mailing tapes, CDs, electronic products, books, clothing, shoes, hats and scarves, leisure products, etc.
2. Humanization: The self-sealing design is safe, easy to use and save time.
3. The air bubble film padded envelope is included as a special parcel express envelope for China Post, which is light and saves mailing costs;
4. The combination of the beautiful pearl white shell and the air bubbles strengthens the impact resistance during the entire transportation process, and has the functions of moisture-proof and shock-proof;
5. The surface can be written directly; environmentally friendly and recyclable.
6. Compared with the traditional packaging cost, because this product is light in weight, it can generally save 35% of the packaging and mailing costs. Environmental protection, recyclable, easy to write.
Features of this product: It is not restricted by various express companies, and the packaging is exquisite and beautiful. Scope of application: general parcels, express parcels, express companies, foreign trade, e-commerce companies, etc.

Air bubble film use: post office express delivery, logistics express delivery, clothing, craft glass products, CDs, video tapes, tapes, DVDs, gifts, jewelry, product introductions, books, electronic parts, textiles, game software, toys, parts, medical equipment, photo frames , Watches, optical drives, medicines, etc.

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