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How to choose air bubble film

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Air bubble film is now used in express transportation in all walks of life. They are often used to package items in daily life, play a role in cushioning and shock absorption, especially for products that are fragile and afraid of collisions, air bubble film plays a good role in protection. Let us take a look at how to buy bubble bags.

Air bubble film purchase precautions:

1, the thickness of the air bubble film:
The unit of thickness of air bubble film products is: s or C, which is a very small unit and it is difficult for us to measure without using a special caliper. Is the thicker the air bubble film the better? It depends on your needs, the thicker the harder, and vice versa, the softer it depends on the user's own packaging. If it is a more expensive product, it is not recommended to choose a product that is too thick, because it is too thick and it is easy to scratch your product; on the contrary, if the thickness of the bubble film product is too thin, then relatively speaking, the bubbles are relatively easy to burst. Less than the corresponding anti-stress effect.
2, air bubble film production capacity, bag making tools:
A.air bubble film is generally made by heat sealing, so you can check whether the ironing is neat and firm.
B. Factory scale, production capacity and distribution capacity are the key factors for inspection.
3, the toughness of air bubble film:
There is air in a bubble. From the point of view of physics, it does not mean that the air inside is as full as possible. Too full is an inelastic space, so it will also cause the bubble to burst easily. This is very simple. We can imagine that if a balloon is too full, it will burst with a little pressure. Generally speaking, it is ideal that the air in the bubble accounts for about 4 minutes and 3 minutes.
4. Design suitable specifications according to your own air bubble film:
Practically speaking, if you have an air bubble film on hand, cut it with a knife, stick it with tape, and make a bag by hand to design a size suitable for the product. Why do you do this? Because manufacturers generally design larger sizes, the sizes they design are not only more beautiful, but also reduce costs. Note that if you leave some surplus, there will be an error of about 1cm in factory production.

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