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How to choose the right air column bag

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Air column bag, also known as buffer air column bag, inflatable bag, bubble column bag, column inflatable bag, is a new type of packaging material filled with natural air in the 21st century. Inflatable bags are widely used, as long as they are related to packaging: red wine, milk powder, skin care products, cosmetics, mobile phones, notebooks, liquor, electronic products, shampoo, cameras, food, tablet computers, projectors, etc. are all suitable for air column bags Packing and shipping.

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  • How Air Column Bags Work

  • How to choose the right air column bag

How Air Column Bags Work

The first is to use air buffer protection, which has good buffer shock absorption and recovery; no water absorption, no moisture, no need for moisture-proof storage; the product itself is small in size and light in weight, which reduces transportation costs and reduces packaging materials in your warehouse. space, effectively reducing various costs; the packaging process is quick and easy, saving a certain amount of manpower in the packaging process; after the inflation is completed, it can provide shock protection for up to six months of storage and transportation without air leakage; and a single air column Damage does not affect other air columns, thus continuing to provide effective buffer protection. The product can be specially customized according to your product, because we adopt a fully automatic production line, which can save the cost of the mold and shorten the development time; the product uses LDPE as the basic raw material, that is, the composite material synthesized by PE and PA, which is non-toxic and pollution-free after high temperature combustion. In line with the seventh category of environmental protection resource recycling.

Therefore, the popularity of air column bags is entirely based on the vigorous development of the e-commerce industry. So that fragile products can be better protected, and at the same time, the economy and reputation of enterprises and the express delivery industry have been well protected. This is why air column bags are so good

Although we usually use air column bag packaging, there are actually many parameters to choose when a product is determined to use an air bag. Select the material thickness, column width, etc. of the air column bag. Today, I will tell you how to determine the size of the express inflatable air column bag.

The normal parameters of the air column width of Anxiang air column bag manufacturers are 2CM, 3CM, 4CM and 6CM. Of course, the wider the air column is, the stronger the buffer protection is. Of course, this does not mean that all products are all in order to get the best protection. Use the widest air column bag. Generally, the choice of air column bag is determined by the weight of the product.

How to choose the right air column bag

1.2CM air column bag is generally suitable for 0.1-1.5kg product 2.3CM air column bag is generally suitable for 1.0-2.0kg product 3.4CM air column bag is generally suitable for 1.5-5.0kg 4.6CM air column Column bags are generally suitable for 2.0-8.0kg products

The above is only a reference choice based on weight. The final result also needs to consider the customer's transportation method, packaging method, and the fragile degree of the product. If the customer is using the air column bag for the first time, he does not know how to choose. For the appropriate air column width, you can also contact our customer service staff, and we will design the most ideal and most suitable packaging solution for the product free of charge.

Another point is that the parameters given above are only conventional column widths. Anxiang air column bag manufacturers can make larger column widths according to customer needs. Therefore, when purchasing air column bags from Anxiang air column bag manufacturers, it is guaranteed You can buy the most satisfying products!

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