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How to use air column bag for fruit

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As we all know, fruits are relatively fragile things, and the damage caused by a small collision may cause the whole fruit to rot. Therefore, we usually buy fruits at the nearby fruit store, just to look fresh. In fact, it is so simple to solve the fruit that is afraid of being squeezed and damaged. As long as the buffer air column bag is used, the damage caused by the collision caused by the logistics can be greatly reduced. This kind of air packaging can be applied to all kinds of products of different sizes. Exquisite, strong buffering performance, can fit the product, and strive to achieve a complete packaging structure to ensure that the product is not damaged, so as to realize the process of product packaging, transportation and use.

The following is a list of contents

  • What is an air column bag

  • Buffer air column bag.

  • Fill inflatable bag.

  • Gourd cushioning air cushion film.

What is an air column bag

Air column bag, a new type of packaging product, is currently the best cushioning, shock-resistant and filling packaging material. It is a major revolution in the packaging industry in the 21st century. The use of natural air packaging technology not only saves energy, reduces costs, but also reduces costs. Environmentally friendly and pollution-free, it is a new type of packaging material that meets the environmental protection standards of developed countries such as the European Union and the United States. Products are widely used in e-commerce logistics and express delivery, products such as electronic products (VCD, DVD, mobile DVD, PDA, video camera, digital camera, notebook computer, mobile phone, LCD, LCDTV, precision instruments), printing consumables: (cartridge, toner cartridge, etc. ) craft ceramics, wine bags and other fragile goods, etc.

Buffer air column bag.

The use of air column bags can provide the advantages of exclusive customization, provide a good packaging buffer protection for your fruit products, and at the same time make your fruit products marked as high-end products, and can even be used as an important milestone mark for exporting fruit.

Fill inflatable bag.

Let many and different packaging products have a relatively safe packaging environment, so that the insecurity of express delivery stems from the factor of voids in the packaging, which is rejected from the starting point of express delivery.

Gourd cushioning air cushion film.

For the case where you want to save costs and the size of the products are different, it is ideal to use the gourd cushioning air cushion roll film, which can provide a single full-package packaging for fruit products, and can also carry out safe and no dead ends for multiple or group packaging. Protect.

The above three types are all air buffer packaging, which can play a good role in protecting the transportation of goods. Of course, their characteristics are also different, such as the buffer air column bag, his shape is a bag, suitable for larger, such as watermelon, cantaloupe and other fruits, cucurbit film is more suitable for small fruits, need to be separated to prevent collision.

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