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Quilted Air Culomn Air Bubble Wrap Roll With Logo


Air Culomn Bubble Wrap Roll

Clear Air Column Bag For Glass Products

Application & Advantage

The inflatable bags are used for toner cartridges, wine bottle, milk can, computer, ipad, iphone, electronics products.It can play a very good protection in transportation.The single column is damaged,which not affect the other columns usage.

Airbag packaging is Waterproof,softness,durable,fashionable,safe,environment-friendly.

Inflation method of buffer air column bag

1. Before inflating the air column bag, find the inflation port first. Many air column bags with traditional ink-printed valves are used, and the air inlets are easy to stick together, so it is time-consuming to find, while Pavege uses new ink-free printing valves, and the air inlets are naturally opened, so as long as you get the air You can easily find it by looking at the bag.

2. Extend the air nozzle to the air inlet of the air column bag, and at the same time, squeeze the position of the air nozzle and the air inlet by hand to prevent air leakage from rushing in.

3. Turn on the inflation switch (the manual inflator can be directly inflated), and start to inflate the air column bag. The traditional air column bag with ink valve is prone to the phenomenon of uneven air intake. When inflating, workers need to rub the air inlet of each air column by hand at the same time.

4. When the air column bag is relatively full, you can pull out the air nozzle. The air column bag is characterized by automatic air locking while inflating, so there is no need to worry about air leakage.

5. After the air column bag is inflated and formed, the product is put into the bag to complete the packaging.

 Protective Packaging

Air Column Wrap
Width (cm)
15 - 100cm
Film Length
Film Unit
Film Thickness (um)
50um, 55um, 60um, 65um, 70um
1 roll /carton

 Protective Packaging

The air column films are made of PA/PE co-extruded film which is strong protection and air tightness.

It is widely used for protecting fragile products( wine bottle,milk powder can), valuables, electronic products ( computer, television, hard disc etc), lights, toner cartridges, cosmetics

1.Free samples (exist stock or standard size) available.

2.Customized Color, Logo, Size ,etc.

3.Steady and Strong supply ability

4.We can set appropriative production line for Big clients

5.Professional advice for you to save purchasing cost.

6.Sophisticated after-sales service,immediate responding.

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