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Recyclable Air Cushion Packaging Honeycomb paper for Goods


Recyclable Air Cushion Packaging Honeycomb paper 

Recyclable Honeycomb paper

Honeycomb Paper with Dispenser

Length (m) 250meter/roll
Width (cm) 38 / 50cm
Color Brown / White / Black
Gram Weight 70gsm / 80gsm
Dispenser Size 60*28*20CM
Dispenser Weight 2Kg

Honeycomb Paper (Double Layers) with Dispenser
Length (m) Brown 250meter/roll & White 840meter/roll
Width (cm) Brown 50cm & White 30cm
Gram Weight Brown 80gsm & White 25gsm
Dispenser Size 60*40*20CM
Dispenser Weight 3Kg

Honeycomb Paper Wrap

Length (m) 80 meter/roll
Width (cm) 50cm
Gram Weight 80gsm
Packaging 50 roll / pallet

Honeycomb Paper Wrap (Double Layers)

Length (m) Brown 80 meter/roll & White 135meter/roll
Width (cm) Brown 50cm & White 30cm
Gram Weight Brown 80gsm & White 25gsm
Packaging 40 roll / pallet

Paper Cushion System

Paper Length 330meter/roll
Paper Width 38cm
Paper Gram Weight 70gsm
Machine Speed 70m/min
Machine Size 94*94*162cm


Products Description

Honeycomb Kraft Paper Cushion Wrapping for packaging
1. Simple eco-friendly wrapping solution
2. Small footprint, can be placed anywhere
3. Perfect for start-up or home based web shops
4.Excellent surface protection and presentation
5. A sustainable alternative to bubble wrap

Honeycomb paper wrap is a combination of a patented die cut Kraft paper with a tissue interleaf paper.
Cut paper to a 3D honeycomb structure providing a unique packaging product whilst also reducing material handling and taking up less storage space.

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