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Various air column bags

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Buffer air column bag packaging is now mainly used in new anti-counterfeiting packaging, electronic product packaging, wine packaging, green environmental protection materials, buffer packaging, home appliance packaging, alcohol anti-counterfeiting packaging, computer packaging, new packaging materials, precision instrument packaging, etc. . The following is the introduction of various types of air column bags and the scope of application.

The following is a list of contents

Q type air column bag

This bag type is easy to understand. Just like the letter Q, without gaps. The same is true for the Q-type air column bag. It actually packs the product inside, and the whole thing is packed in an air column bag. With nothing exposed, it does cushion and wrap 360° without dead ends. Therefore, in logistics, actions such as throwing, falling, smashing and tossing will not cause fatal damage to the product. Because the Q-type air column bag covers everything, it is very suitable for packaging fragile items made of glass bottles, red wine, electronic products, cosmetics, etc.

L-shaped air column bag

Literally, the L-shaped air column bag is shaped like an L shape, with one side higher than the other, and is then able to glue the gaps of the air column bag during the packaging process. This air column bag has a larger opening. Tea products with relatively large packages, such as milk powder, canned condiments, tea, storage tanks, large-caliber cans or boxed foods, etc.

U-shaped air column bag

Literally, it's a U-shaped bag with no lid or cap. This air column bag is generally used for large-scale products, such as desktop computer screen packaging, TV packaging, photo frame packaging, large-scale handicrafts, etc. In summary, this air column bag is suitable for packaging expensive large products such as electronic screens. Using this air column bag is easy to pack and will not cause material damage. Compared with the foam buffer materials used to package electronic screens in the past, it is significantly safer and more reliable, and its green environmental protection features make it more expensive.

Corner air column bag

The main function of the corner guard air column bag is to maintain the edges and corners of the product and reduce the damage caused by the impact of the corners.

Air column bag column sheet

The air column sheet should be cut into one continuous coil according to the actual application requirements. The cutout is neat and quick to use, it can be used as a gasket for individually packaged items, and it is highly flexible and can be customized in various widths. The assembly line is mass-produced, has accurate dimensions, and tightly covers the product, which greatly reduces damage during shipping.

It is made of high-tech and environmentally friendly materials. The product is completely flat before being inflated, which reduces the occupation of huge space during transportation, reduces transportation losses, and reduces transportation costs, storage costs and packaging costs. Buffer air column bag packaging can replace the existing inner packaging materials, such as polylon, EPE, corrugated paper, pulp casting and other inner packaging materials, not only environmental protection, cost saving, but also improve the efficiency of the production line and provide complete seismic protection of the product. The non-inflated filling packaging bag is completely flat, light in weight and small in size, and can provide the same seismic protection of the product with a smaller volume, which greatly saves the cost of materials and product storage, transportation and distribution, and reduces the packaging process and saves manpower.

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