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Bubble bags and environmentally friendly relationship

Bubble bags are made of materials such as bubble wrap. It is a widely used fully transparent packaging product. There are thousands of air bubbles in the bubble bag, so the body is soft and malleable, and has the functions of sound insulation, noise reduction, shock resistance and scratch resistance. Widely used in electronic devices, instruments and equipment, porcelain, artworks, electrical products, bicycles, restaurants, kitchens, furniture, hardware tools, glass fiber reinforced plastic products, seismic buffering and maintenance packaging of instruments and meters.

2023 06-06
Scope of use of bubble bags

Nowadays, in the process of package logistics and distribution, it is inevitable that the outer packaging of the package will be squeezed, rubbed and impacted. Even if it does not affect the products in the package in most cases, when customers receive a package full of tape, they must be uncomfortable, and it also affects the customer experience.

2023 06-02
The Magical Use of Bubble Bags

Now express delivery has blossomed everywhere. If anyone in every household says that they have not received express delivery, it is really not suitable for this new century. In addition to protecting our products from damage during the logistics process, do you know what uses it has in our lives?

2023 05-31
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